Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

The aim of a healthy, energy-efficient home is to ’build tight - ventilate right’. By minimizing unwanted air leakage and moisture movement EnergySeal allows building occupants to take control of their indoor climate. Under even the tightest of budgets unparalleled indoor air quality and comfort can be achieved with a high performance EnergySeal home or building.

During the cold months of winter and the smoky conditions of fire season, indoor air quality is often compromised by under-ventilation. During these times homes stay sealed up tight and the exchange of fresh outdoor air to the inside is extremely limited. Pollutants from off-gassing construction materials, cleaning chemicals, cooking smoke, and human consumption of oxygen can lead to pollution levels that the EPA estimates are 10 to 70 times greater than the levels outside.

Energy Recovery VentilationOur next generation Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems (ERVs) cost-effectively and efficiently increase a building's oxygen levels by replacing stale indoor air with fresh outside air that has been filtered, and purified. As warm stale air is expelled from a building, the core of the ERV warms the incoming cold, fresh air before it's circulated throughout your home. The result is a constant supply of fresh air, no unpleasant drafts and greater home comfort. By exchanging the heat from the warm indoor air to the outdoor air, ERV's are able to pay for themselves in energy savings (Savings are major considering our extreme climate). During the summer the ERV works in a similar fashion, except outside air is cooled by exhausted indoor air rather than heated.


In addition to supplying fresh oxygen rich air, the ERV regulates building moisture to help eliminate mold and window condensation. Controlling fresh air flows and moisture eliminates bacteria friendly environments and will make indoor odors disappear, while protecting buildings from moisture-related damage.


The addition of HEPA filtration to an ERV system provides the ultimate in healthy indoor environment. The HEPA filters, the same technology used in hospital operating rooms, capture 99.97% of all dust and particles as small as 0.3micron and help reduce allergy symptoms, asthma, recurring colds and persistent coughs.


A building can never be too tight - but can be under-ventilated.


ERV and IAQ Gallery


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