Mold Remediation Coatings

Mold: Stop it Before it Starts
In extreme climates moisture is a nearly unavoidable element of construction, especially when building in the winter, early spring, or late fall. Untreated organic surfaces can become homes to mold colonies that thrive in dark damp conditions in basements and crawl-spaces. Mold can lead to severe indoor air quality issues that are very costly to mediate in the future. Protect your family and your investment with proactive treatment. The conditions that mold thrive in can virtually be eliminated at a very low cost during the construction of a building. When starting a project in conditions that could become favor mold growth we recommend applying an EPA certified anti-microbial coating on all organic surfaces in susceptible areas of a home.

Many of our customers add our affordable anti-microbial treatments as an upgrade in crawlspaces, basement, bathrooms, and attics to provide an extra layer of protection from any costly mold issues in the future.

Eco Friendly
Non-Toxic and VOC Free
EPA Compliant

Mold Remediation Gallery


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