Low Voltage Radiant Roof De-icing

Increasingly complex roof systems combined with extreme winter climates can create potential snow and ice damage to roofs and pedestrian hazards. We have teamed up with Heatizon Systems to provide safe and energy-efficient low-voltage ice melt systems that permanently eliminate the dangers of falling ice and costly structural damages. The entire Heatizon Systems product line is solid state, has no moving parts to wear out, and has nothing that requires routine maintenance. All are backed by an industry-leading 25-year limited warranty. The low-voltage ice melt systems are very efficient, turning on automatically when snow is falling using advanced temperature and snow sensing controls.

Invisible Protection

Our roof deicing (snow and ice removal) systems prevent the buildup of ice dams and large icicles around eaves, drains, and valleys or entire roofs. Our low voltage ZMesh roof deicing system can be installed under new or existing asphalt/shake/tile shingles, and is ideal for new construction and remodeling. The Zmesh requires no build up, and can be nailed or stapled through, provided it does not come in contact with any other electrically conductive material. This ability makes it the most durable roof heating element available.


Tuff cable is used in a patented heat sink kit for metal roofing applications, or under valley metal and metal flashing. Our roof deicing systems are state of the art and provide a long-term solution to save money in the long run. These invisible, top-of-the-line roof deicing systems will not compromise the aesthetic value of a structure. In fact, radiant roof systems add value to homes and buildings by eliminating potential roof leaks, torn gutters, and damaged shingles. They also increase the life of your roof by preventing damage from snow and ice removal.

Tuff Cable


Heatizon Gallery


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