Specialty Foams and Coatings Applications

In addition to our spray-applied insulations systems, we also apply polyurea coatings and other specialty foams and coatings.

Our seamless polyurea coating systems are self flashing, waterproof, solvent proof and can be applied to almost any surface (wood, metal, concrete, etc.) and at temperatures as low as -40°F. Polyurea is the material of choice for a coating or liner for concrete and metal roofs, tanks, decks, parking structure traffic membranes, damp proofing, below grade waterproofing, general containment ponds or lagoons.

If you're interested in learning more, give us a call. We'll determine the best system for your application and price it out for you.

Our full line of polyurea coatings and specialty foams allow us to provide a high performance, seamless, and durable system for a wide range of applications. Our highly trained crews and state of the art system delivery allows for cost-effective and efficient application in a wide range of conditions. Below are a few applications that are well suited for our spray applied systems.

Basement - Interior & Exterior
Water Tanks
Swimming Pools & Fish Ponds
Foundation Waterproofing
Decks and Balconies
Pipeline coatings
Concrete coatings
Floor joint / seam sealants
Roofing coatings
Bridge coatings
Marine coatings
Parking decks

Specialty Applications and Waterproofing


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