Seamless Conditioned Crawlspace Systems

A sealed and conditioned crawlspace is essential to building performance in an extreme climate. A sealed and conditioned crawl space will eliminate musty soil odors in the home, regulate building humidity, increase comfort, and improve indoor air quality. Our exclusive soil barriers do just this, byStack Effect effectively blocking moisture and soil gases from entering the crawlspace.

Moisture control and energy efficiency are key benefits of a conditioned crawlspace system. One source of moisture problems in crawlspaces comes from the combination of moist air and cold temperatures. When this warm moist air reaches cooler structural framing, the moisture condenses, often causing mold and structural problems. In winter, cold air is drawn into the crawlspace doing little to dry out crawlspaces, but effectively lowering temperatures, causing condensation and freezing exposed water pipes.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Eliminating cold air from crawlspace areas helps create a home with warmer floors, fewer drafts, and higher efficiency.

Moisture Regulation

A sealed crawlspace reduces seasonal moisture changes in a home that can damage wood flooring and also lead to mold and indoor air quality issues.

Control Soil Odors and Radon Gases

A properly sealed crawlspace prevents musty soil odors and radon gas from entering a living space. Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. The gas results from the natural decay of uranium and radium in soil and finds its way into homes though cracks and leaks in a building's slab and foundation.

Typical Unhealthy Crawlspace

Seamless Conditioned Crawlspace

Crawlspace Before


Crawlspace After




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