Energy Star Certification

EnergySeal has partnered with Energy Star to provide independent verification services that allow homes to earn the Energy Star label. Homes that earn the Energy Star label meet EPA's strict guidelines for energy performance, deliver significant energy and cost savings, and help protect the environment. What makes an Energy Star labeled home? A variety of features allows an Energy Star labeled home to reduce energy usage, while improving the comfort and quiet, air quality, and durability of the home. These features often include efficient heating and A/C equipment, added insulation, tighter ducts, energy-efficient windows, and sealing of air penetrations that occur in a home's exterior during construction. The result is a home that is more energy efficient than a standard home.


A Better Home For the Money
Energy Star labeled homes offer more than just substantial savings on utility bills. Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy by owning an Energy Star labeled home:

Comfort and Quiet - Tighter construction and improved insulation help keep out excess heat, cold and noise, while maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature from room to room.
Low Maintenance - Energy Star labeled homes often feature high-quality, longer-lasting heating and cooling equipment. Additionally, the energy-efficient windows used in an Energy Star home help reduce the fading of furniture and finishes.
Healthier Indoor Air - Tighter construction keeps out dust, pollen, and mold so you can breathe easier.
Higher Resale Value - Studies show that energy-efficient homes earn a higher resale price than standard homes.
Efficiency Verification - Your Energy Star home must pass our rigorous inspection, independent from your builder, before it can be certified. This is your guarantee that an Energy Star home will live up to its promises.
Preferred Financing - Energy-efficient mortgages allow you to use the annual energy savings of your Energy Star home to qualify for more house at your current income level.
Good for the Environment - Almost 20% of air pollution results from electricity produced for homes. Your Energy Star labeled home uses significantly less energy than standard homes, so while you're saving money, you're helping keep the air clean.

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