Top Questions to Ask Your Next Insulation Contractor

Can you supply references from former clients in extreme climates?
In our case, for example, the answer is, “Proudly.” We service the Northwest’s finest builders, many of whom will use only EnergySeal on their projects. Unlike many insulation contractors lacking experience with extreme-climate systems, EnergySeal has thousands of successful installs logged in the most severe climates across the Northwest.

Will my insulation system be covered under warranty? If so, who will take care of any problems that may arise?
Our insulation products are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacture defect.  In addition to manufacturer warranties we stand behind our installation and guarantee performance for the life of the building. 

Will my insulation system provide the R-value and performance claimed on your bid?
It’s unfortunate that many low-bid contractors skimp on R-value and deliver subpar installations. Other systems may be theoretically sufficient, but simply don’t perform as labeled. All of our insulation systems are installed with state of the art spray equipment by highly trained technicians to deliver a more volume in less time and a higher-quality finished product than our competitors. Due to our meticulous control during the application process we can guarantee our system maintains its performance under even the most extreme conditions.

Will my insulation pay for itself?
Repeatedly. Our hybrid system maximizes performance and value, typically cutting your heating and cooling loads in half, increasing efficiency for the life of the building. You get a healthier, more efficient, and comfortable home for less per month. While in some cases, the initial cost of using EnergySeal over other insulation systems may be more, it will actually add value to your home and put money in your pocket every month. The remaining extra cost may only affect your mortgage slightly, maybe a few dollars every month, but by using less energy you could save hundreds of dollars every month on your utility bill, and add thousands of dollars in value to your home.

Will my insulation system be installed and ready on schedule?
Many contractors hire part-time help for big jobs and go at it alone on smaller ones. Undermanned and inexperienced crews slow down projects and cost time and money, while producing a lower quality product. EnergySeal’s highly trained crews are equipped with a full fleet of service vehicles and equipment so we can work fast, safe, and efficiently keeping your project on time and within budget.

Will my insulation system create a seamless and breathable airtight barrier?

You bet. EnergySeal specializes in complex multi-dimensional insulation system designs. Our spray applied insulation provides a continuous, airtight seal of any building. It is like having a breathable and windproof jacket for your home!

What type of training do your provide your workers?

High performance building products can only perform as well as they are installed. Having the proper training, equipment, and an emphasis on safety ultimately lowers the cost of doing business, and further assures that your job will go smoothly.

Who will inspect your crew's work after the insulation has been installed?

In extreme climates, contractors can’t afford to make mistakes. In addition to rigorous quality control by our experienced crew during installation, our work is thoroughly inspected with infrared imaging to ensure that every job lives up to our reputation.

Are you a member of any nationally accredited building associations such as RESNET or USGBC?

Is your insulation environmentally friendly and are your products tested to stack up against their "green claims"? 
Good question. As you may have noticed, many “green” products not only provide far less performance than claimed, but sometimes aren’t even made with the eco-friendly products the buyer expected. EnergySeal performs third-party testing on our insulation systems to make sure we use products that not only perform, but are manufactured sustainably with accurate bio and recycled content claims. We offer a mixture of products made from recycled newspaper, recycled plastic bottles, sugar cane, and soybean oil. All of our foams are water blown and contain no ozone depleting CFCs or HCFs.

Be wary of the lowest bid. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many below-cost bids are accompanied by inexperienced contractors and substandard work.

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