Protect Your Building Investment

An EnergySeal home is a worry free investment. Ninety percent of all extreme climate building failures are moisture-related. Ice damming, structural rot, and mold issues cost McCall building owners and insurance companies millions of dollars every year. Our high performance seamless insulation systems creates a tight building envelope that gives us complete control over the building environment eliminating costly moisture damage.

98% of all internal building moisture enters a home via air leakage (moisture laden air entering a home through numerous small air leaks).

Without a seamless insulation system it is impossible to seal the entire envelope of a building and sufficiently control airborne water vapor (humidity). Studies have shown that during a single heating season over seven gallons of water can enter internal building structures through the air leakage of a single electrical outlet. This moisture can accumulate behind the sheetrock, cabinets, mirrors, and baseboards causing unseen mold growth and deterioration.

Ice damming is an all too common building performance failure in snow country. Our high performance insulation system, complemented by our exclusive and patented continuous duo baffle ventilation system, ensures that your roof stays cool, virtually eliminating ice damming. Our building science expertise allows us to adapt to all building challenges to deliver the highest performing system at an affordable price.




Ice Dams and Durability


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