So what will it cost?

Our hybrid insulation system is the most cost-effective way to green your home and reduce C02 emissions, but what is it going to cost? We treat every project on an individual basis and strive to provide the most cost-effective solution for each client’s needs and goals. We understand that everyone’s needs vary and we want our customers to get the most bang for their buck. We pride ourselves on being flexible and we are happy to work out the best possible solution on a case-by-case basis. No matter what size your project, we will provide you with quote for our services and stick to it — no hidden fees or unexpected charges. What's more, is we will work to get in under any project budget.


EnergySeal's 30 Day Energy Efficiency Payback


What is the True Cost?

When making the choice to invest in a superior insulation system and building envelope for a new or existing building, it is important understand how this investment will payoff. Most people approach this question by asking, “How long will it take for energy savings to pay for this investment?” However, it may be more helpful to look at an investment in energy efficiency over the course of a typical 30-year mortgage. For example, if a home has a mortgage payment of $1200 monthly and the cost to heat and cool the home is $300 monthly using standard insulation options, then the cost of living in the home is $1500 a month. Let’s say upgrading the insulation package in this home costs an additional $2000 over typical insulation but would cut the monthly heating and cooling bill by 50% to $150. That is a savings of $1,440 per year, but adding $2000 to the initial 30-yr mortgage at 6% interest to cover the cost of better insulation adds only $144 per year, or approximately $12 a month.

Positive Cashflow
To Summarize:

Monthly payment with standard insulation $1500
Monthly payment with upgraded insulation $1362

Instant Monthly Savings $138

Despite the initial increase in cost to upgrade insulation, the benefits are immediate and become even greater as fuel prices increase in the future. For a lower cost a homeowner can have a healthier and more comfortable, efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly home. This price doesn’t even factor in the fact that many buildings using EnergySEAL are able to save additional money by meeting their heating requirements with a much smaller furnace, fireplace, or boiler system.

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