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Payette Lakes Medical Clinic

The testimonial below represents the dramatic real world paybacks of EnergySEAL building performance. The Payette Lakes Medical Clinic in McCall is a relatively new commercial building of approximately 8000SF. It was designed as an attic truss and I-rafter cathedral roof system design with large areas of exterior attic wall. The entire building was originally specified with fiberglass batt insulation. In the winter when temperatures dipped below freezing the heat loss in the roof system was readily apparent. Large areas of the snow would melt exposing the shingles below and accelerating ice dams at the eaves. Roof leakage began to occur and durability of the existing shingle roof system due to ice compression had become an issue. These hotspots or thermal imaging in the snowpack reflected the difficulties keeping the building warm due to the accelerated air movement through the air permeable fiberglass system. The existing heating systems had tremendous difficulty keeping up with the massive energy loss. We have replaced over 75% of the existing archaic fiberglass system with our air barrier insulation systems. The letter of appreciation below reflects the naked truth in regards to maximum energy payback. The Payette Lakes Medical Clinic is one step closer to the “Superior Energy Control” they deserve.


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"Our new home is exposed on a hilltop in the valley and subject to high winds. Our home is draft-free and very quiet. Our energy bills are incredibly low. Use the best. Use EnergySeal."

-Travis Hatfield/ McCall

"Energyseal's systems are the best. I would never again use any other insulation system in my home."
-Kip Bedard/ V.P. Micron/Boise

"EnergySeal's heat recovery ventilator and airseal insulation systems delivered the healthy home we dreamed of. Fresh air and draft free comfort. You can really feel and breathe the difference. I consider EnergySeal a worthwhile investment in your family's preventative health maintenance."
-Dr. Bob Esslinger/Cascade

"Our office is located in the oldest building in McCall. It is now airseal insulated better than any new commercial building in town. I also manage a large new commercial building that had severe moisture problems. Water actually was leaking into the offices causing ceiling tiles and fixtures to fall. EnergySeal diagnosed the problem as condensation due to air leakage through the insulation. They had the product and the expertise to solve the problem immediately. I appreciate their service and professionalism."
-Scott Findlay/ McCall

"EnergySeal insulated our commercial pole building and after an entire winter we have never had to refill our propane tank. We would refill the tank once a month the winter before. I am more than impressed with EnergySeal."
-Richard Jones/ Council

"Our newer home had a severe ice-dam and attic condensation due to air leaks in our insulation. EnergySeal eliminated the problem. They are head and shoulders above the competition."
-Doug Sprague/ McCall

"My new home is over 4000SF and uses half the energy of my previous home of 2000SF. EnergySeal delivers real performance. "
-Steve Bledsoe/Bledsoe Construction/Boise

"If you think you can't afford EnergySeal's insulation system, trust us, once you get it you will realize you can't afford to live with out it.."
-Bill and Karen Decker/ McCall

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