The Insulation Pioneers

Call it a compulsion. Since 1986 we have been researching and pioneering environmentally friendly, energy efficient, insulation systems and techniques. In this time we have spent countless hours implementing all kinds of emerging technology - from thermal imaging to blower-door technology and field application - to determine the performance and building trade cohesiveness of every insulation system available. We're proud to say that EnergySEAL participated in field development of the new generation of class 1, water blown, flexible, ozone-friendly cavity foams, and that our seamless system design has completely eliminated air-permeable fiberglass. Today our every project proves once again that our research and development has led to productive, practical, value-packed, builder-friendly, performance driven, energy-efficient system combinations that drastically reduce heating and cooling loads by up to 50%, delivering maximum energy payback. That feels good.

In addition, EnergySEAL stands behind its builders. No matter what, we'll go the extra mile for you, with years of successfully repairing and resolving building performance issues for our clients. EnergySEAL experienced technicians are continually trained to understand building science dynamics. In fact, we consider our people an additional job site quality control vehicle. Think about it - an EnergySEAL technician is sometimes the last line of defense before mechanicals and structural framing details are covered. We attend to every detail and work with builders to help prevent costly snow country call-backs.

EnergySEAL services residential, commercial and industrial projects over the entire Northwest. Our client base is diverse, from architects to commercial contractors, and from corporate execs to the young family buiding their first home. Our headquarters are located in the central mountains of Idaho, in the beautiful town of McCall at an elevation of 5200'.

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